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EA Perfumes is Europe’s Supplier of Premium Air Fresheners, 

✔️ Over 10 Years Experience Supplying Arabic Air Fresheners to the UK and Europe.

✔️ The Most Versatile Range of Arabic Air Fresheners in ONE Supplier.

✔️ Over 100 Different Perfume Based Air Freshener Lines.

✔️ Fast and Cheap Shipping Across Europe.

Shelves upon shelves of some of the most sought after Air Fresheners – with testers and Free Tours of our facilities offered for all wholesale clients.

What Makes EA Perfumes Air Fresheners So Much Better?

Air Freshener Wholesale

A Letter from EA Perfumes

Dear Reader,

Have you ever wished that Air Fresheners actually made rooms smell better?!

We know the feeling of breathing in the common chemical-based Air Fresheners and the headaches that often come after!

Surely, there must be a better way of making a room smell better?

Meet Arabic Air Fresheners.

Arabic Air Fresheners are based on gorgeous smelling, Arabic perfumes to create a room changing fragrance.

Imagine a room smelling of your favourite fragrance.
Imagine a house you are happy to invite friends over to, just for the smell!

Using simple ingredients, Arabic Air Fresheners are like Perfume in a Fast Spraying Bottle.

Our fragrances are based off some of the most popular Arabic perfumes from well-known brands from the UAE such as:

Lattafa – Ard al Zaafaran – MyPerfumes – Al Rehab and more.

It’s time to experience the Arabic Perfumes Difference, for you and your customers.

With prices starting from as little as less than £2 a unit and FREE UK and Cheap EU Shipping to all new Wholesale Clients, EA Perfumes is the UK’s First Choice for Quality Air Fresheners.

Air Fresheners Wholesale UK

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